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Text 17 Jun Spotify GM: “We’re signing the remaining deals as we speak”

 "Spotify has raised $100m (£61m) in a funding round that values the European music streaming service at $1bn ahead of its imminent US expansion. 

…The funding round has been interpreted as a sign that Spotify’s long-delayed US rollout could be announced within weeks. 

…Spotify’s general manager, Jonathan Forster, did little to dampen down the anticipating surrounding the service’s US expansion this week. He told an Omnicom conference in London on Tuesday that it would not make the move “before 5 July” – the first time a Spotify executive has put a firm date on the plans. Forster also confirmed that deals with the music majors were almost completed. “We’re signing the remaining deals as I speak,” he said.”

The Guardian (U.K.), “Spotify’s latest funding values it at $1bn”, 6.17.11 

Text 14 Apr Spotify Limits Free Service; U.S. Launch Finally Coming….??

"U.S. music fans have anticipated Spotify for well over two years now. As they’ve waited, the service has continued to change, and these new limitations mean that if Spotify does launch here, it will be very different from the service that originally attracted so much attention in Europe."

WIRED Epicenter, “Spotify Further Limits Free Service: Hint of U.S. Launch (Again)?”, 4.14.11

Text 14 Jan Music exec: “Spotify is launching in the U.S., for sure”

"Spotify, the popular European music service, is finally crossing the pond, The Post has learned.

…The Luxembourg-based music service is days away from signing a deal with is Sony Music, according to a person familiar with the discussions.

"Spotify is launching in the US, for sure," one music executive said. "They’ve got the deals now."

New York Post, “Spotify Leaps to U.S.”, 1.14.11

Text 17 Dec Spotify can no longer commit to 2010 U.S. launch date

"[A] Spotify spokesman told The Telegraph: “We’re definitely on our way to the US but we can’t commit to a specific date.”

 This is in stark contrast to the message the company has been giving out in recent weeks and months, which is that the service would definitely launch in the US this side of 2010.

The spokesman admitted that the company’s stance had changed, and it was no longer able to “commit to a date either way”.” 

 The Telegraph (U.K.): ”Spotify can no longer commit to 2010 US launch date”, 12.17.10

Text 7 Dec 1 note We’ll Launch in the U.S., Just Not Sure When

Spotify, the U.K.-based music-streaming site will eventually launch the service in the U.S., its CEO Daniel Ek said in an interview at D:Dive Into Mobile, but he wouldn’t commit to a specific date. That’s a step back from a previous promise to launch the service in the U.S. in 2010.”  

AllThingsD, “Spotify’s Daniel Ek: We’ll Launch in the U.S., Just Not Sure When”, 12.7.10

Text 8 Oct 1 note Labels say “nothing certain” about Spotify launch in 2010

But multiple music industry sources say that Spotify, which is now in discussions with all four big record companies, is facing an assortment of obstacles—some of its own making, and some from external forces. They stressed that there is nothing certain about the company’s chances of opening a U.S. shop by Dec. 31.”

CNET, “Spotify crashes into Apple on way to U.S.”, 10.8.10

Text 30 Sep 1 note Spotify: happy holidays for U.S. launch?

But word from the [Spotify] party, at which [the company] hosted a few hundred people, is that the start-up does indeed now expect to make good on its latest expectation, to launch before 2010’s end. Specifically, a go-live date between Thanksgiving and Christmas is in the works.”

PaidContent, “Spotify Does Expect U.S. Launch Before 2010’s Out,” 9.30.10

Text 20 Sep Uh oh: Spotify still hasn’t signed any U.S. label deals

Spotify, the European music service that drops the jaws of all who try it, is at risk of blowing another self-imposed deadline for launching in the United States.

While CEO Daniel Ek has promised that Spotify will finally launch before the end of 2010, the company has yet to sign a single licensing agreement with any of the top four record companies, multiple music industry sources told CNET.”

CNET: “Will Spotify’s U.S. launch be delayed again?" 9.16.10

Text 30 Jul 1 note Spotify “vehemently denies” reports; says it will launch in 2010

Yesterday, Billboard, a US music industry magazine, reportedthat Spotify’s “licensing negotiations with the major [US] music labels have reverted back to square one”, citing multiple sources. However, Spotify, talking to The Telegraph, has denied the allegations in the report, saying the service is still on course to launch by the end of 2010.

A Spotify spokesman said: “Regarding label negotiations…the allegations in the article are without any substance. We are in fact in a very good place with our label negotiations, which have moved forward significantly and we’re still on course for launch by the end of the year.”

The Telegraph (UK): “Spotify: ‘will launch in US by end of 2010,’ 7.30.10

Text 29 Jul Uh oh: Spotify U.S. launch plans “back to square one”

Spotify’s licensing negotiations with the major music labels have reverted back to square one, has learned from multiple sources. Having failed to persuade the major record labels to go along with its vision for a U.S. version of the popular European service, Spotify in the last month has approached the labels with a clean slate to determine what type of service would be possible to launch before the end of the year.”

Earlier this month, [Spotify CEO Daniel] Ek reiterated his claim that the service is on track for launching before the end of the year, but also hinted that he’d delay it into next year if that’s what was required to ensure Spotify launched under the model he envisions. But Billboard’s sources say Spotify is open to short-term deals that would allow it to launch a framework of the service by the end of this year, designed to evolve over time as the in-dispute elements are revisited.”

Billboard: “Sources: Spotify Reboots U.S. Label Negotiations,” 7.29.10

Text 15 Jul U.S. launch “on track for this year”: Spotify CEO

"[Spotify CEO Daniel Ek] said the long-rumoured American launch of the service was still on track and would happen before the end of the year. "We’re still on track for launching it this year and I’m going back to the US all the time to meet with people." 

The Telegraph, “Spotify ‘growing healthily and on track for US launch,” 7.14.10

Text 26 Jun U.S. launch still “in the works,” say Spotify leaders!

Prochaine étape : les Etats-Unis. Le lancement est programmé pour cette année, mais sur ce sujet également, les dirigeants de Spotify sont muets ou presque. «  On peut vous confirmer qu’on y travaille » est la seule réponse que l’on entend quand la question est posée.”

Les Echos, “Musique en ligne: Spotify, le petit site qui monte,” 6.21.10 

Translation, via Yahoo! Babel Fish:

Next stage: the United States. Launching is programmed for this year, but on this subject also, the leaders of Spotify are dumb or almost. “One can assure you that one works there” is the only answer which one hears when the question is put.”

Text 3 Jun "Rejected" by labels, Spotify still aims for fall U.S. debut

"Also, the major music labels have so far rejected a United States version of Spotify, a popular European subscription service. Music executives object to the fact that music can be played free on Spotify, along with ads.

A person briefed on Spotify’s plans said the company, based in Sweden, was still aiming for a United States introduction this fall, though elements of the service here could be altered.”

The New York Times, “File-Sharing Pioneers Now Selling Music,” 6.3.10

Text 28 May Spotify’s “chilly” answer: U.S. launch happening “sometime”

Spotify will launch in the U.S. sometime this year, Daniel Ek, CEO of the digital music service, said in an interview on May 27, the first day of the Music Matters conference in Hong Kong.”

McClure’s Asia Music News, “Music Matters Day 1 Highlights: Spotify to launch in U.S.,” 5.28.10

@AdamZammit tweet from the conference: “chilly response at Music Matters keynote from Spotify CEO. they will launch this year in the US but many remain skeptics of the platform.”

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